Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Get Better Today!

You may have heard me say that I use RRT or Rapid Resolution Treatment(R). But what the heck is that? And why do I use it? The short answer: because it works, is painless, and gives immediate relief. Immediate!?! You heard me.

(That's me in a session in my office in Weston, FL)

A little background: At this point, I've been practicing in this field for almost a decade. I started in case management and moved up the ranks through community mental health and into private practice. I have been studying psychology for my entire education after high school, some seven years of college. Point is: I've been at this awhile and am trained in making people well; but, now I'm trained in making people well, whole, happy, and doing it FAST!

I'm a Certified Practitioner in Rapid Resolution Treatment (RRT), through this amazing agency called the Institute for Survivors of Sexual Violence (ISSV), which means that I have conference calls every few weeks, am always brushing up my skills and learning new techniques, and twice a year I attend an intensive training to get even more polished. Although I have only been using it for a year, what a year it's been! I took the training and experience I already had in working with trauma (my specialty) and turned it from warm to burning hot. RRT allows me to have a client talk about horribly painful events with no tears, no retraumatization, and be talking, laughing, and healing all the while. In a single visit, you feel better. Not just a little better like "oh, now that I talked about it, I kinda feel better." That's crap. Better like "I feel like all my problems are solvable and I can go live my happy life." That's the goal, and it's easy - and fun!

Let me get on my ego trip for a second and tell you that seeing a client's problems resolved in a session or two is good for me. What used to take 6-9 months of weekly visits, or pouring through pain, of talking about it until it doesn't hurt anymore, is done in about 3 hours, about 2 visits. Sometimes even less. And that's just the trauma part. RRT is great for grief over a death or ended relationship, for anxiety and panic attack, depression, weight loss, changing bad habits, addiction (including smoking), motivation, and damned near anything you come in with. And if it's that good for me, imagine how good that is for you! You come less often, feel like yourself faster, and we bankrupt the tissue industry that traditional therapy has been supporting.

I hear you thinking, "oh, but surely you're blowing this out of proportion. People don't get 'cured' by this, do they? They don't stay well?" Oh, yeah, Kool Aid. Lasting results from a visit or two. People are getting better through RRT and staying well. They're coming back and saying "you know, I have this friend..." and referring people they love. That's my hope for the future, that everyone will feel good, be well, and if they know someone who needs to get better, they'll say "you know what worked for me? No, it's good. Come do it!" And we'll all be talking and laughing together. Isn't that the whole point of this crazy life, anyhow?

For further proof, check out a testimonial of mine that was featured at ISofSV this month.

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