Saturday, November 30, 2013

New PTSD Treatments Harm Veterans

This post is intentionally controversial. Rather, this post asserts my position firmly and you're welcome to disagree with me.

A recent episode of 60 Minutes discussed new treatments being used to treat trauma (PTSD) in veteran. My RRT® community had a huge backlash over this and was disgusted at retraumatization as a "cure." If you were raped, would you want to relive rape until you were desensitized or would you rather an alternative that worked faster and involved none of that painful reliving?

Here's what we know:
  1. There is no need to relive trauma or guilt in order to clear it.
  2. Trauma does not need to be remembered in order to be cleared.
  3. Rapid Resolution Therapy is a painless way to get rid of the trauma and its effects. 
  4. Rapid Resolution Therapy works quickly, often in just 1-3 sessions.
  5. There are many qualified good therapists around the US and in the UK. Click here for a referral, or ask me for one in your area.
  6. RRT therapists offer some pro bono services for persons who cannot afford to pay full fee.
  7. Substance abuse is correlated with trauma at the rate of 70%.
  8. There is a cure for trauma, despite what the VA is telling our vets.
Save a life, refer a veteran for GOOD help. There is plenty of bad therapy and the RRT community is outraged at these bad techniques. We want it better for veterans, for society, for all of us.

These are my informed opinions; form your own opinion. Here is a link to the article at Psychology Today. And here is a video clip from the 60 Minutes show.

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