Thursday, February 6, 2014

Priming - Preparing the Mind to Notice

The kind of therapy I utilize is called Rapid Resolution Therapy® (RRT). RRT is positive, future-thinking, now-centered, and about lighting up and moving into that which is beneficial. In doing all of that, we're priming the exact right things

Priming is preparing a person to think of something. This is why when you hear an unusual word, phrase, or name, you notice it more often in a short period of time. It's on the top of your head, you're primed to notice it.

Author Malcolm Gladwell (a favorite of mine) illustrates priming through psychological experiments. When he talks about race at the end, that's called "stereotype threat"

In practice, this is why VA PTSD groups keep veterans sick. You go talk about atrocities and how crappy you felt and feel, then come back next week to do it again. Groups should be focused on solutions, be positive, and be time-limited. This is also why talk therapy fails, those therapists are priming their clients to continue thinking about what it is that sucks in their life. No, screw that, think about how you're fixing that stuff - and be primed to keep thinking about that, making things better and better. It's a small shift, but it's a huge shift! To hear about my Women's Group, read more Here.

Video on stereotype threat experiments and how to reduce it.

Stereotype threat scholarly article (you can skim it or skip it) about having people declare their race and then take a test; black Americans did worse based on stereotype of lower intellect. Similar experiments were done with Asian women and math and driving and with athletics, where facilitator was changed to be black, white, buff or fat - participants did the same on number of push ups in test, but did worse on vertical jump if they were white and the facilitator was black because the stereotype is that black people are better at jumping and "white men can't jump."

Advertisers utilize priming so you think of them every time you hear a slogan, see a color, notice an animal, etc. The biggest brands have the simplest logos - Nike's swoosh, Coke's ribbon, Pepsi's circle, General Mills' check mark; this is so when you see something similar in the real world, you think of them, free advertising, memory anchoring, and increased sales. I show this video in one of my classes - pause it and count the kangaroos. Every time you see a kangaroo, Dish wants you to think of them.

Street hypnotist (and who I want to be when I grow up) Derren Brown primes actor Simon Pegg - look at the room, watch it twice, for the layperson, it may be difficult to weed out what is hypnosis and what is priming.
Video 1
And how it's done
Video 2
I LOVE showing these videos where I teach, and the students always have so many questions thereafter. I have a few of Derren Brown's shows on DVD and I watch them over and over and over. He's so masterful.

This is the stuff that lights me right up. Thanks for letting me share and nerd out with you.

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