Wednesday, December 31, 2014

This Year - guest blog by Julie Davis, MFT

This week, I invite you to appreciate YOU - not from the ego ("Look at me! Look at how great I am!"), but from your heart: "I worked hard this year, at times when I didn't want to and in ways that were scary and confusing and painful."

Think about all the times you wanted to quit - on yourself, others, God - but didn't. Sure there were times you did quit, but take some time to reflect on how, when, where, why you hung in there and took the harder path this year - towards relationship rather than task accomplishment, towards faith rather than fear, towards acceptance rather than judgment.

Instead of focusing on what didn't/isn't working in your life, unwrap the gift of compassion for yourself and reflect on the courage it took to admit and work on your shortcomings this year. If this is hard for you, I invite you to put down the whip, pick up a colorful crayon and complete the following:

This year, I learned...

...I have courage to__________________________________________________ .

...I have strength to__________________________________________________ .

...I have wisdom to__________________________________________________ .

...I have faith to_____________________________________________________ .

...I have support to__________________________________________________ .

Julie Davis
Certified Rapid Resolution Therapist
Licensed Marriage Family Therapist (CA & NC) 

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Monday, December 15, 2014

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