Monday, June 18, 2012


After starting and stopping more times than I can count, over several pieces of fiction and non-fiction, I've published my first book!

"Mini-Missions: Simplify and Add Joy to Your Life in Less Than 30 Minutes" is a small book, like a stocking-stuffer, gift-exchange, or bathroom-reading kind of a book. It is meant to be flipped open at random and one task read. Then, you spend 5-30 minutes doing that mission and it will have a positive effect on your life by reducing stress, increasing happiness, or making your home a nicer place to enjoy. Topics range from friendship to finances and everything in between. There are 52 mini-missions included - one for each week of the year.

I conceived of this from little things that came up in my life that took a short amount of time, and I was glad when I had done them. I collected the ones I'd already written (initially posted to my Clear Mind Group Facebook page) wrote more, and divided them up in sections. At final count, there were 57 mini-missions, but I didn't like a few of them, so I deleted those and was left with 52. It occurred to me that there are 52 weeks in a year and it was kismet. I took the photograph for the cover myself at Bonnet House in Fort Lauderdale a couple of months ago and thought it fit the bill. I self-published it through Create Space and Kindle Direct Publishing and here we are!

Mini-Missions is available purchase at Amazon for only $8.50 paperback or $3.50 for a Kindle download.

It makes a great gift for those odd occasions that require a small gift, like graduating from treatment, finishing a project, being a house guest, or Secret Santa with coworkers. Recommended for adults, but no has adult content.