Monday, November 19, 2012

SPECIAL: Family Drama Intervention

Pass the stuffing, but not the knives this holiday season. Dealing with relatives you only see every now and then can be stressful, especially if you are staying in their home, or worse yet, if they are staying in your home. Most of the time, distance (whether in miles or in moments) makes all people tolerable. But when there are back-to-back occasions where family will come into play, many people experience anxiety just at the thought, before a word has even left anyone's mouth.

I invite you to have a more enjoyable holiday experience! For November and December only, I will run a "family drama" intervention session for you, bypassing my usual process of getting your personal  history in the first session and laying out what you need for the remainder of your sessions. For these "crunch time" months, I'll offer you a 2-hour session to clear out any holiday family drama stress and free you up to experience your relatives (and you holiday) with joy, happiness, and all the spirit of the season you would like to have pouring forth from you.

You will come in with your complaints, and we will determine together what the goal is - less stress, less anxiety, more joy, more openness, the ability to tolerate that certain someone's biting comments - and get you there fast!

Autumn Hahn is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist practicing in Weston and West Palm Beach. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Free eBook Autographs

New technology allows authors of books purchased in electronic formats to send the readers a free digital autograph for your copy of the eBook!

If you'd like an autograph for your copy of Mini-Missions, please click here to be taken to Authorgraph or use the photo link in the right column.

If you have not yet purchased Mini-Missions, it makes a great stocking stuffer, gift exchange item, or inspirational read for someone making big changes in his or her life!

It is available in paperback and eBook format, both under $10, and is eligible for free 2-day shipping with Amazon Prime.

Autumn Hahn is a licensed mental health counselor and certified clinical hypnotherapist practicing in South Florida. For an appointment or consultation, please call 954-612-9553.