Tuesday, October 30, 2012

One Wish

Let's play a little game:

If you had one wish - and think carefully - what would you spend that wish on? No cheating with extra wishes or time travel back to the moment you got the wish. You just get one.

Place your answers in the comments below. What happens after your wish comes true? What makes it such a good fit for you?

I'd wipe out everyone's student debt so the computer banks showed "Paid in full" on every single account. I imagine that the relief, the happiness, the joy spread by the lifted weight of crushing student loan debt so many young (and no longer young) people feel would spread like an amazing ripple. I'd publicize that I'd done it and set up a fund that anyone could send $100 to that would all go to charities. Imagine the good that money could do! And I bet some people would send a lot more.

And then me? I'd go back for my doctorate. Once I had the ability to take on new projects without that big bill from prior education, I'd pay for it as I went, taking out no loans. As it is, I'm starting to adjust to the idea that I'll never get my doctorate - and honestly, that's the only thing I wanted to be as a kid, a doctor of some kind, though I knew it wouldn't be traditional medicine - so it really bums me out to have to say goodbye to that dream. But with my loans as they are, there's no way I can responsibly go back to school. Oh, don't get me wrong: I'm not blaming anyone but myself for poor financial planning. But this is a skill I learned after I had debt, not before. Future Me would go back and tell Past Me to do it differently.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Faster Therapy

Our society is becoming faster paced and our attention spans are getting shorter. We're inundated with commercials and advertisements so often that it feels like that is normal, and so it is becoming. So how can we take therapy into this modern age? Do it faster!

Therapy used to take years. Who has time for that?
Freudians still believe in speculating on your childhood as a life-long process. This isn't for everyone.
Rapid Resolution Therapists believe that a single issue can be solved in 1-8 sessions. More and more often, I'm finding this to be hugely valuable.

Here are some of the benefits of rapid therapy:

  • Less suffering. You're over it and back on to your happy life quickly.
  • Less cost. Even a $20 co-payment gets expensive after awhile.
  • More happiness. We're not dredging for sadness; we're mining for gold. It's all in the approach.
  • Less time off work for sessions, dropping the kids off at the babysitter, etc.
  • Less fuel burned driving to the office, as you only visit a handful of times.
  • No homework. We do all the work in session. And by "we," I mean "I." You speak honestly, and tell me when something does and doesn't fit for you. I will adjust myself accordingly.
With RRT, change is immediate and lasting. You will leave each session feeling well, happier, refreshed, and energized. 

Autumn Hahn works in private practice at Clear Mind Group, LLC. in Weston, Florida. She is a licensed mental health counselor and certified clinical hypnotherapist. Appointments can be made by calling 954-612-9553.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Parenting Book

I've been hard at work on my second book! I've set myself a deadline of finishing and publishing by the end of the year, which seemed far away a couple of months ago, but time passes quickly, the older you get, it seems, and that deadline feels like it is fast approaching.

This book, unlike the self-help style of Mini-Missions, is a parenting book. Specifically, since I work with trauma, I hear a lot of things people have said happened to them, that could have been avoided. This book will be guidelines to parents of simple things they can do, and avoid doing, in order to keep their kids from being victims of trauma.

I have the cover photo and 2 completed chapters, out of 8, as well as the outline and topics for all the other chapters. It's a matter of doing the research and editing to put the rest together. I'm anticipating you will hold me accountable to my deadline by telling me you want to read it and asking about my progress.

If all goes as planned, this book will be available for Kindle and in print by the first of the year. Mini-Missions is available in both formats now, and qualifies for Prime 2-day free shipping.

Stay tuned for more information on another of my book projects, already in progress, called 5 Things. Off to the top right navigation column is a space where you can type in your email, and get my blog entries sent directly to you!