Friday, January 11, 2013

Little Shifts

Sometimes, it's the little things.

I keep a lot of bookmarks on my computer, organized into folders. One is called Hobbies. Under Hobbies, I have links to bookstores, craft sites, video game tips, all sorts of things.

I used to have a sub-folder called Publishing under Hobbies. This was even after I published Mini-Missions last year. Publishing contains links to my Author Central page at Amazon,ISBN numbers I've purchased, stock photo sites, and all the sorts of things I need to work on my books. I've been dipping into that folder from time to time lately as I work on Bubble Wrap Your Kids, my next book.

Every time I opened up Hobbies / Publishing, I would say to myself "This is not a hobby, it's part of my occupation. I'm an author." Indeed, although I find writing pleasurable, it is not what I do as a hobby. I separate my work-time from my free-time and treat them differently. I work toward publishing, setting aside time to do that each day, as I do counseling, public speaking, and my side projects. At "quittin' time," I do other things, things in my Hobby folder.

A couple of weeks ago, I got sick of telling myself that I don't find Publishing to be a Hobby and moved the sub-folder to the main folder, so Publishing is no longer under anything at all. Now, and because it's new and I'm conscious of it, every time I go in there, I say "That's better." I'm sure this will fade and I'll forget I ever even had it buried.

Sometimes it is how you do what you do. And sometimes, it is simply what you do. Make small changes in your life that will lead to big shifts in how you behave and think.

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