Saturday, February 13, 2016

Pin Trading Bingo

One thing I enjoy is having a little free fun while on vacation. Since I live not too far from Orlando, I visit the theme parks several times per year. I love to go to Disney World with my husband and friends and trade pins at the parks and the hotels.

Pin trading is absolutely free (though the pins you start with are at a cost) and is one of the delights of visiting the parks to me. Since I have several friends who also enjoy pin trading, I put together a friendly competition for us that you are also welcome to use. You could even use it by yourself, if your friends aren't traders, or you're making a solo adventure to the area.

Here are the rules:

  1. Save the 3 images below to your cell phone.
  2. Bring a set of 10 "trader" pins for each person who will be playing as well as a lanyard.*
  3. Have each person pick a number between 1 and 30. Note: If you are playing with children who will need help with the game, have everyone pick a number in the same bracket (1-10 or 11-20 or 21-30) so you are all on the same card and don't have to keep switching between cards to assist them. 
  4. To be fair, have someone else choose your number, since you have seen the cards. 
  5. With your group, trade away any pins you have that meet your win criteria.
  6. Trade pins all day at the parks, hotels, and gift shops! Keep any pins that you love. Track your collection at PinPics.
  7. At the end of the day, compare what you have collected against your card and see if you have met your win-condition of all 5 pins. Whomever in your group has done so is the winner! Award a special prize - maybe pick out a pin for them from a shop, gift them with a new lanyard for next time, or the losers buy a round of cocoa for the winners. 

You may play as cut-throat or friendly as you choose. The rules are written in such a way as to be interpretive. For instance, when it says Chip & Dale, will you accept either character, or does it have to be the pair of them? Decide in advance, and cut the kids some slack. After all, it's just for fun.

Share your pictures, if you like. Who won?

*A note on traders & lanyards: You can purchase trading pins on eBay or Amazon for a fair price. You can also buy them at the parks or the Disney Store, but you will spend more this way. Lanyard can be purchased at the parks or Disney Store, or you can buy them where keys are made, such as the Home Depot or Lowe's. To be extra special, you can order custom lanyards from places like Lindsay's Lanyards, but these take a little extra time.

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