Friday, October 18, 2013

Living in the Now

I was at a hockey game last week and there were two little girls in the row ahead of me. One was there with family and was was the friend. I'm going to guess they were about 9 years old. Both girls had on their team hats. At one point, the friend spent about 15 minutes fixing her hair, fixing her hat, and taking photos of her self until she got one she liked. She then posted it to Facebook with "I'm at the hockey game!"

Indeed, she was physically at the hockey game. But was she really at the hockey game? She didn't see those 15 minutes of play. She wasn't enjoying being at the game, or even with her friend and her friend's family. I'd venture to guess she didn't even enjoy her personal photo shoot but rather it seemed time that was simply gone. She was creating her highlight reel for others, but there's no value in that.

Your highlight reel is what it is. If professional athletes were playing for their highlight reels, their attention would never be on the game, but on how they look to the cameras. That would make for bad sports. Living for your highlight reel makes for bad life.

Be. Be where you are. Do what you do. Enjoy this moment; the next is not promised.

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