Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Enjoy the Now

This is becoming a theme in the world around me. I'm noticing so many people - on their cell phones, on their computers, working, feeding the machine - instead of living.

We get a short time to be alive. We get to meet all sorts of interesting people and filter out those we aren't into and keep those we really like to stay in our lives. We get to be exposed to all sorts of things and filter out those things we're not into to keep the things we dig. Let's do that stuff together. Let's share the stuff we dig with the people we like. Let's do that every day!

Let's not hashtag out lives away.

I was at Universal Studios last weekend, grateful to be taken along for free on my husband's company trip. We left our cell phones in the hotel room and talked to one another in line. We people-watched, made up stories about the relationships of others that we saw, rode rides, talked about life, and generally just enjoyed each other's company.

We saw ton's of people on their cell phones and it grated on the both of us - both of us are technophiles, I should mention; I have 3 Twitter accounts and am no stranger to the amazing wonders of technology. But you're on vacation; enjoy it. Don't #vacation #rollercoasters #havingagreattime. Actually do that stuff. Talk about it later.

Enjoy the now. There is nothing more.

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