Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Therapist's Resolutions

Everyone is reflecting this time of year and thinking of the year that's passed and the future to come. People are setting (hopefully reasonable) resolutions for themselves for the next year and celebrating successes.

This year's successes have included:

  • The publishing of my second book, Bubble Wrap Your Kids, a parenting guide for the prevention of childhood trauma
  • Some added success in marketing my practice including joining a mastermind group. Said mastermind group is also planning travelling 2-day presentations for next year. 
  • I bought and renovated a house this year, which has been expensive. 
  • I've also begun teaching college this year, which has been interesting. 
  • Some of you know I also started another business this year wherein I'm producing a game that should be available in just a few months in physical (dice) form and an app. 

Lots of busy-making things, all of which I'm proud of and require my continued nurturing.

In the next year, I resolve to work weekly on the following goals:

  1. Be available to friends and family and reach out to those I don't see as often.
  2. Be present. 
  3. Be mindful of diet/exercise and doing what my body needs.
  4. Manage time cautiously and waste a little less during my set work hours. This will help me to meet my deadlines and not feel stress from being rushed.
  5. Put energy toward 2 more books (one on RRT® and therapy and one on etiquette in the modern age - send me your suggestions/comments/questions).
  6. Spend time growing my practice including doing a pro bono project.
  7. Give more presentations and do more public speaking.
  8. Produce the game and keep working on other games - there are a few in progress. 
  9. Pay off the debt to the house and do additional house projects. Spend mindfully.
  10. Spend some time on Twitter for my businesses. 

I hope our resolutions overlap and our combined energy expands to fuel our mutual transformations! Have a prosperous new year.

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