Saturday, May 31, 2014

Halfway to Goals

We're halfway into the year and I'm wondering about your resolutions. Are you on track? Are you a bit behind? Are you way behind?

This year I resolved to be much more mindful. I've been successful at that in most areas of my life. I've not been so great all the time, but have put effort in those directions.

The books are coming along a bit more slowly than I'd desired as I had some family stuff throw an energy-wrench into my life for a couple of months, but it's resolving. However, it's not what I'd call "way behind", so I'm fine with the progress.

The dice game for Butter Knife Concepts is also coming along and is only held up for financial reasons at this time; lawyers are expensive! This, too, is only "a bit behind" and energy is spent regularly on its progress.

I hope you are not having to run to catch up on your goals, and that if you are, you get to running.

If you are interested in using hypnotherapy for motivation or goal-setting, please call for an appointment.

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