Sunday, November 30, 2014

Prescription for a Healthy Happy Life - Guest Blog by Tomiko Fraser Hines

Drink more water. Or start drinking water. Yes, YOU.
Eat healthier. Be mindful of what you're eating. With each bite think "Is this helping or hurting?"
Exercise several times a week. Find something that you love doing that keeps you moving and GET UP AND DO IT.
Get more sleep. Turn off the computer and television and take your tired ass to bed. You know you need it.
Brush and floss your teeth twice daily. We all forget about the flossing. Let's commit to remembering.
Get annual check ups (including dental and GYN if applicable). Ask questions. Take great care of and be informed about your body temple and what it needs to function properly.
Get yearly mammograms and prostate exams (if applicable). Yes, I am talking to YOU.
Powerfully and authentically express your creativity. Whatever that is, give it permission to run free. Bottled up creativity is truly a slow death.
Forgive yourself and others. Harboring unforgiving thoughts is like giving yourself poison every day. Stop that.
Love, love and love some more. It's needed from you and for you.
Play more. Dance more. Sing more.
Surround yourself with people who recognize and appreciate your SHINE. And be that for others.
Be an example of what's possible when you really give it your all. Someone needs to see it.
Stop people pleasing. NOW. They should love you for who you are, not for what you will do for them.
Communicate with others the way you want them to communicate with you or your children (if you have them).
Accept yourself as you are as you work to better yourself. There is NOTHING wrong with you. You're already a diamond. You may just need some polishing is all.
Tell your loved ones how much you appreciate them often. Don't assume that they know. Extra credit for asking them to do the same for you.
Raise your children to love themselves and to embrace the differences in others. We CAN heal this world of ours.
Connect with nature often. Fall into its healing embrace whenever you can.
Declare your goals out loud as if they are already so (I AM..., I HAVE...). Bonus points for doing so in front of folks who will support your vision and lovingly hold you accountable.
Treat yourself kindly. Be gentle, encouraging and loving with YOU.
Live powerfully self-defined. It's YOUR life and you get to choose how it plays out. No seriously, how life affects you is YOUR choice.
*So now that you know you can stop pretending that you don't.

Reposted in its entirety with permission from the author, Tomiko Fraser Hines. Read more of her works at her Website or on Facebook

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