Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Primitive Mind

Some of my success stories are merely recognizing that a client has assimilated information I've given him/her. This was beautifully illustrated recently in a group I run for recently released inmates.

One of the participants is my individual client. When asked what she had taken away from any of the groups that month, she reported, "I really liked last week's group. I was watching one person complain about his job and no matter what anyone suggested, he couldn't hear them. He was in his primitive mind and he needed to bite or run. He couldn't be logical or rational in that state of mind. It was good for me to see that, to be able to reflect on what it means when I'm angry or upset, and how I need to take a break and get out of my primitive mind and to where I can be rational again. I realize that it also means I can't ask anyone for advice, or even vent, in that state, because nothing is going to do any good until I'm calm."

She gets it.

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