Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Pink Elephant - Guest Blog by Julie Davis

It's not that bad.
I'm busy.
S/he'll handle it.
It'll go away.
It's not my problem.
I can't do anything about it.
What's that thing in the middle of your life that you keep tripping over but refuse to deal with?
This week, I invite you to face it...
...from afar: Observe and collect data.  What is the pink elephant? When/where/how does it get in the way? What is your contribution for it being there? What would today be like if it disappeared? How do you get rid of it? Do you want to?
...up close: Bring it up to others who are tripping over it, too (whether they know it or not). "Hey, I think there is a pink elephant in the room that I/we keep tripping over and I'd like to talk about that, is this a good time?" If met with defensiveness, avoidance or confusion, you are talking to a pink elephant (not useful) and might need to move to the next step.
...head on"I respect your interest in living with a pink elephant in the room. I'm not interested in that, however, and will be [over there]. If you are interested in having a collaborative discussion on how to remove and live without this pink elephant let me know. Otherwise, I'll be [over there].
Ps. If you are buried up to the eyeballs in pink dung, please call for help to get shoveled out FIRST.

Julie Davis, LMFT
Licensed Marriage Family Therapist 
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