Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bubble Wrap Your Kids

Bubble Wrap Your Kids, a parenting guide for the prevention of childhood trauma is now available at Amazon. Buy it here.

This book makes a great gift for new parents or growing or blended families. Advice is from birth through the teen years and fits with any parenting style; any parent with children at home will benefit from reading Bubble Wrap Your Kids. Amazon allows you to ship gift copies to additional addresses at no additional charge, so include any friend or family member who has kids in your shopping and help prevent a niece or nephew from harm!

Publishing a book is like birthing a baby. There's a lot of gestation that goes into the writing. There's resting and thinking and worrying and fussing over little details. There's joy and a feeling of accomplishment over achieving new stages. And then the labor of publishing itself, difficult and full of anticipation and eager waiting. And then, you have it in your hands, your work over months and months, produced, and ready to share with the world. And there's even a feeling of emptiness, of "Oh. What do I do next?" 

And what I will do next is a book on changing corporate culture: making your company one where employees are glad to go each day. After telling myself to take the rest of August off, I woke up the other morning with an outline in my head and had to start writing. If you have article or book suggestions or just want to include your input, email me.

I will update you when a Kindle edition of Bubble Wrap Your Kids is available, but it won't be for awhile.

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